Telling Your Story

Picture of NACP student Ferris Saad and Dr. Jennifer Bea observing an MRI image at Abrams Public Health Center

NACP student Ferris Saad and his mentor, Dr. Jennifer Bea, observe an MRI image at Abrams Public Health Center.

Kris Hanning

Is your research experience helping you grow academically and professionally, shaping your career goals, and providing you with financial support?  Our UBRP funders have invested over half a million dollars this summer in something very important: the undergraduate research experience ... and more specifically, in you.  These, and more, are big reasons why we want you to tell your story.

"Telling Your Story" activities are designed for students to gain practice in communicating about their research and sharing the personal impact of their research experiences with those who provide financial support for undergraduate research (various UA units, donors, organizations, etc.), as well as the general public.

Dr. Sanlyn Buxner, Associate Research Professor in Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies, will provide guidance in how to "tell your story" in an effective manner at the UBRP Seminar on June 22, 2022. Watch the seminar here and access the slides here.

There are three "Telling Your Story" activities for students to complete this summer:

PART 1 - By Wednesday, July 6: Submit a post directly on the UBRP 2022 Padlet.  This post should include a photo and short description of your work, 75 words or less, explaining your research project and its importance to laypeople.  Please include your name in the title of the post.  We will direct funders to visit this Padlet for an overview of our participants and their research.

PART 2 - By Wednesday, July 20: Submit a one-sentence post about your research for UBRP's social media pages.  It can be an update on your project, something interesting you are working on, a nice picture and caption, etc.  Make sure to run the post by your mentor for approval prior to submission, and submit your social media post materials here, with text (Word Doc) and photos (jpeg or png) as separate files.  Name your files simply as last name_first name.  We are excited to share your work with the public! 

Picture of EHS-TRUE student Maile McSwain at the lab bench

Maile McSwain conducts research at the bench in Dr. Zelieann Craig's lab

PART 3 - Throughout the summer, work on writing a Letter to Your Funder.  This letter (one page maximum, 12 point Arial or Calibri font, 1" margins, single spacing) should include a personal introduction, a general description of your research project suitable for a layperson, and the impact of your research experience upon your life and your future goals.  Address the letter appropriately by looking up your funding source on the UBRP Student Directory, and then addressing your letter to the proper individual listed at the bottom of this page.  If you have more than one funder, you may choose one funder to whom to write your letter.  Also, make sure to sign your letter and include your e-mail address as contact information. 

On Wednesday, August 10, bring a hard-copy rough draft of your Letter to Your Funder to your small group workshop for editing.  Upload a final draft of your letter as a Word document here by Wednesday, August 17.  We will share selected letters with our UBRP funders throughout the year.  Be prepared; you may hear back from funders directly if they would like to learn more about you and your research!


List of UBRP Funders:

  • ASPET - Dr. Catherine Fry (Program Officer, American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship)
  • Beckman Scholars - Ms. Kaerie Ray (Program Officer, Beckman Scholars Program, Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation)
  • BIO5 - Dr. Jennifer Barton (Director, BIO5 Institute)
  • CALS (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences) - Dr. Shane Burgess (Dean) and Dr. Michael Staten (Associate Dean)
  • CoM (College of Medicine) - Dr. Michael Abecassis (Dean)
  • CoP (College of Pharmacy) - Dr. Rick Schnellmann (Dean)
  • CoS (College of Science) - Dr. Carmala Garzione (Dean)
  • Data Sciences Academy - Dr. Liesl Folks (Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost)
  • EHS-TRUE - Dr. Michael Humble (Program Officer, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences)
  • NACP - Dr. LeeAnn Bailey (Chief, Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities, National Cancer Institute) and Dr. Jay Revilleza (Program Director, Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities, National Cancer Institute)
  • Private Donors (UBRP alumni and other individuals who contribute to UBRP to support students) -  simply address with "Dear UBRP Donors"
  • Provost - Dr. Liesl Folks (Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost)
  • RII (Research, Innovation, and Impact) - Dr. Elizabeth Cantwell (Senior Vice President for Research and Innovation)
  • UBRP Endowment (founded by UBRP alumna Ms. Carol Arakaki with contributions from additional donors) - simply address with "Dear UBRP Endowment Donors"