New UBRP participants are paid wages at the rate of $12.50/hour, provided 50% by UBRP and 50% by their mentors, for 35 hours/week for 12 weeks over the summer.

Participants are responsible for finding and paying for their own housing over the summer. Residence Life does offer summer housing, as well as information on off-campus housing.


Yes! You are welcome to apply to all of the programs, as long as you meet the eligibility requirements. You will need to submit a separate application for each program. 

AMP undergraduates are eligible for UBRP prior to completing your Bachelor’s degree. However, once an AMP student completes their Bachelor’s degree, they are converted to graduate standing, and are no longer eligible for UBRP.

No. Summer school courses are intensive because they cover an entire semester’s work in only few weeks. The amount of time students must spend on summer school classes cuts into the time they can spend in the lab. We want students to work full time which means NOT taking summer school classes. Summer school is important for some students and a worthy activity. But so is summer research.

If selected, UBRP participants are expected to work 35 hours per week during the summer conducting research. This means that you cannot work another job on campus while participating in UBRP during the summer time.