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The Undergraduate Biology Research Program (UBRP) gives University of Arizona undergraduate students the opportunity to work towards becoming world-class researchers and professionals by becoming involved in research with top-notch UA science professors.  Students participate in hands-on mentored, self-directed work, allowing them to contribute to advancing scientific knowledge early in their careers.

For over 30 years, UBRP has enabled the best and brightest undergraduate students to hone their critical thinking and problems solving skills, launching them to become successful scientists, engineers, physicians, and allied health professionals who make a positive difference to society.


Why give to UBRP?

YOUR DONATION TO UBRP FURTHER ADVANCES SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, AND MEDICINE!  By supporting UBRP’s bright, young student researchers you contribute to creating tomorrow’s cadre of dedicated scientists, engineers, and physicians who contribute to improving the quality of life for all.  Donations to the UBRP Endowment will sustain UBRP for future students, and donations to the UBRP Fund directly support our most financially-challenged UBRP students by providing them with paid, academic year research positions.  Contributions to the Biology Research Abroad: Vistas Open! (BRAVO!) program provide opportunities for young scientists to conduct research abroad and form international collaborations through a 10- to 12-week summer experience.  Donations to BRAVO! can made online by clicking here.

Ways to give:

The University of Arizona is taking campus-wide precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of students, faculty and staff in light of the current COVID-19 situation. With many individuals working remotely, we encourage you to make your gift online. If you prefer to send a check, please make it out to the University of Arizona Foundation with your gift designation (“UBRP Fund, 20-10-0426,” “UBRP Endowment, 40-10-4740,” or "BRAVO! 20-10-3192") noted in the memo line. Checks may be sent to University of Arizona Foundation, 1111 N. Cherry Avenue, P.O. Box 210109, Tucson, AZ 85721-0109.

The University of Arizona Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization, and your gifts are tax deductible.

Friends of UBRP

Each year, donors contributing $250 or more to either fund will become members of Friends of UBRP. These donors receive a yearly student highlight, a personal note from a student, and are offered reserved seating at the keynote talk at the annual UBRP Conference.




Estate Planning

There are many ways to support UBRP, but when you include us in your long-term estate and financial plans, you are ensuring that we can continue enhancing undergraduate education through access to mentored, self-directed research for years to come. If you are interested in how you can leave your legacy or discussing gifting options that may have beneficial tax implications, please contact Susan Kaleita, Senior Associate Director of Development, at or (520) 621-4090.


Thank you, donors!

Since April 1, 2021 the following individuals and entities have contributed to UBRP and we are very, very grateful for the support!

American Online Giving Foundation  •  Amgen Foundation  •  Ms. Carol Arakaki  •  Dr. Craig Aspinwall  •  Mr. Jordan Barrows  •  Dr. David Bellows & Dr. Alison Bailin  •  Prof. Carol Bender  •  Dr. John Biebelhausen & Ms. Amanda Biebelhausen  •  Dr. Amitava Bose & Ms. Barbara Bose  •  Dr. Margaret Briehl & Dr. Dennis Ray (in memory of Dr. Margaret E. Tome)  •  Bright Funds - Employee Giving and Matching Gifts  •  Dr. Melanie Brucks (in honor of Richard Snodgrass) •  Dr. Gail Burd & Dr. John Hildebrand  •  Dr. Xuemei Cai (in honor of Thomas Lindell at the Drawing Studio)  •  Ms. Elizabeth Camus (in memory of Gerald Camus)  •   Dr. Susheela Carroll  •  Dr. Anne Chung  •  Ms. E. Coffman  •  Mrs. Jennifer Cubeta  •  Mr. Richard Edelman & Mrs. Sharon Vogelsang  •  Eli Lilly & Company Foundation Matching Gifts  •  Dr. John Enemark and Ms. Mary Enemark  •  Dr. Zhen Fan  •  Ms. Faye Farmer  •  Dr. Jeffrey Frelinger  •  Dr. Vijay Gokhale  •  Ms. Emma Harrell  •  Mr. Bosun Hau  •  Dr. James Hazzard & Mrs. Norma Hazzard (in memory of Dr. Terry Meyer)  •  Dr. A. Teresa Isaias  •  Dr. Thomas Ito (in honor of Dr. Teri Suzuki)  •  Mr. Rohith Jayaram  •  Dr. David Johnson  •  Dr. Christina Kochel  •  Dr. George Lai & Ms. Stephanie Gee  •  Ms. Marisa Lester  •  Mr. Jeffrey LoCascio & Ms. Danielle LoCascio  •  Mr. David Margolis  •  Mr. Brian Massey & Dr. Megan O’Meara  •  Dr. Juan Mena-Gonzalez & Ms. Maura Mena  •  Dr. Maiya Morrison  •  Dr. Michael Nelson & Ms. Kristin Nelson  •  Dr. Herson Quinones & Ms. Kenia Gandia  •  Dr. Larry Reed  •  Dr. Linda Restifo & Mr. Arthur Pacheco  •  Dr. James Sherman  •  Dr. Jennitte Stevens  •  Dr. Daryn Stover  •  Dr. Anne Suzuki (in honor of Dr. Teri Suzuki)  •  Dr. Teri Suzuki & Mr. Oleg Lysyj (in honor of Carol Bender & Jennifer Cubeta)  •  Dr. John Szivek & Mrs. Sally Szivek  •  Ms. Samantha Szuter  •  Ms. Decemna Tang  •  Dr. Ronald Teed  •  Dr. Kenneth Teter  •  Dr. Allison Titcomb  •  Tybourne Capital Management - Matching Gifts  •  Mr. Dale Vernon  •  Dr. Ilya Vilinsky  •  Mr. Doug Wellington & Ms. Andrea Jeffers Wellington  •  Dr. Guang Yao  •  Dr. Jessica Yingling & Mr. Christopher Mahoney  •  Mr. Benjamin Zaepfel  •  Dr. Daniela Zarnescu