Seminars and Panels

UBRP offers seminars and panels that are free and open to the public. Below is an archive for past seminars and panels on Please see the calendar for upcoming seminars and panels.



March 24, 2022: "All About the MD/PhD Path," presented by the University of Arizona MD/PhD Executive Committee.  MD/PhD students Aidan Levine, Megan Sylvester, Julia Morris, Danielle Sawyer, Coco Gomez Tirambolo, and Austen Thompson share their insights on the MD/PhD path.


May 17, 2021: “Q & A with UBRP Alumni” by Nathan Borrero, MD – Medical Resident in Family Medicine, Pennsylvania State University; Cameron Lee, PhD – Post-Doc, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; Kendra Liu, MPhil – PhD Candidate, University of Virginia; Jeffrey LoCascio – Associate Director of Research and Development IT Systems, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Caitlin Moffett – Research Specialist, Emergency Medicine Department at UA College of Medicine; Master’s Student in Biomedical Engineering, UA; and Kimberly Vogelsang, MD – Emergency Room Physician.

May 26, 2021: “It is a great time to be a biologist…” by Dr. Ravi Palanivelu, Associate Professor, School of Plant Sciences, The University of Arizona

June 9, 2021: “Applications of Genomics in Liver Cancer” by Dr. Anuradha Budha, UBRP Alumna; and “Large brains, small brains – does it matter?” by Dr. Wulfila Gronenberg, Professor, Neuroscience, The University of Arizona

June 23, 2021: “Moving Molecules Faster Through Pharmaceutical Development with Multidimensional Chromatography” by Dr. Jonathan Shackman, Associate Scientific Director, Bristol Myers Squibb

July 7, 2021: “Characteristics of individual cells following chemotherapy in childhood leukemia” by Dr. Jessie A. Brown, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Columbia University Irving Medical Center; and “Of mice and women: bridging the translational divide to understand pain” by Dr. Frank Porreca, Professor, Pharmacology, The University of Arizona

July 21, 2021: “Graduate Funding & Scholarship Opportunities” by Dr. Shelley Hawthorne Smith, Assistant Director, Office of Fellowships & Community Engagement, Graduate College, The University of Arizona; and Danielle Barefoot, Assistant Director, Office of Nationally Competitive Scholarships, Honors College, The University of Arizona

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August 4, 2021: “How to Write a Science Press Release” by Randall Eck, Graduate Student in Neuroscience at the University of Washington (MOVE TO NEW SITE FOR HOSTING)


July 1, 2020: “Navigating the Lab as an Undergraduate Researcher” by Cesar Medina, Graduate Student at the University of Arizona

July 15, 2020: “The FET Class of Proteins” by Luis Helfer, UBRP Senior

July 15, 2020: “Ecosystem Genomics” by Megan Nickerson, UBRP Senior

July 15, 2020: “Uncovering the Synaptic Proteome with Fruit Flies” by Nicolai Pena, UBRP Associate

July 15, 2020: “Characterizing the Role of Novel Kinases in Colon Cancer” by Amanda Ruelas, UBRP Senior

July 15, 2020: “We Got the POWER” by Siena Schoelen, UBRP Senior

July 22, 2020: “Toxoplasma gondii, the Brain, and the Immune System” by AJ Aguilar, UBRP Junior

July 22, 2020: “Writing Research Grants” by Hannah Ball, Alexander Blythe, and James Rozelle, UBRP Seniors

July 22, 2020: “Answering the Impossible Questions” by Rudolph Rodriguez and Ashwin Siby, UBRP Juniors

July 22, 2020: “Targeting the Cerebral Vasculature in Treating Acute Ischemic Stroke” by Kristina Sin, UBRP Senior

July 29, 2020: “CVs and Resumes” by UBRP Participants: Maria Macias, Madison Mollico, Andrea Sandoval, and Angela Velázquez

July 29, 2020: “Terpenes Found In Cannabis Sativa Are Cannabinoid Receptor Agonists” by Ryan Hecksel, UBRP Senior

August 5, 2020: “RNA-Directed DNA Methylation (RdDM)” by Maya Bose, UBRP Senior

August 5, 2020: “UBRP Summer Presentation” by Diego Silva-Mendoza, UBRP Senior

August 5, 2020: “Higher Level Pain Modulation” by Angela Smith, UBRP Senior

August 5, 2020: “The role of Aging and Stress in Neurodegeneration” by MyDuyen Tran, UBRP Senior

August 5, 2020: “Networking” by Ren Paterson and Sylvia Zarnescu, UBRP Seniors


May 22, 2019: “Graduate and Professional School Panel”

June 5, 2019: “Biology in the Age of Computers” by Dr. Andrew Nelson, Research Scientist, Plant Sciences and “Medical Anthropology & Community-Based Research” by Dr. Julie Armin, Assistant Professor, Family & Community Medicine at The University of Arizona

June 19, 2019: “Graduate Fellowships and Nationally Competitive Scholarships” by  Georgia Ehler, Shelley Hawthorne Smith, Dr. Karna Walter, and Danielle Barefoot, The University of Arizona

July 3, 2019: “Targeting Kynurenine Metabolism in Aging” by Dr. George Sutphin, Assistant Professor, Molecular & Cellular Biology; and “Sleep, Oscillation, and Parkinson’s Disease” by Dr. Stephen Cowen, Assistant Professor, Psychology at The University of Arizona

July 17, 2019: “Writing a Science Press Release” by Randall Eck, Backman Scholar and Writer for The Daily Wildcat

July 31, 2019: “Be A Nurse and A Scientist: A Path that Evolved from Suggestions and the Desire to Know More” by Dr. Helena Morrison, RN, Assistant Professor, Nursing, The University of Arizona; and “Fungal Diversity and Application: Perspectives from a Hidden World” by Dr. A. Elizabeth Arnold, Professor, Plant Sciences, The University of Arizona


May 23, 2018: “The Business of Science and Medicine: A Pathologist’s Serendipitous Journey Into the Pharmaceutical Industry” by Dr. Eric Walk, Chief Scientific and Medical Officer, Ventana Medical Systems

June 6, 2018: “Swollen Shoot Disease of Cacao: The Tale of an Exotic Plant’s Fate in a Foreign Land” by Dr. Judith Brown, Professor of Plant Sciences, The University of Arizona

June 20, 2018: “My Path, and Others’, to Studying Primates in the Lab and Field” by Dr. Stacey Tecot, Associate Professor of Anthropology, The University of Arizona

June 27, 2018: “PhD, MD, and Beyond: A UBRP Small Group Panel”

July 11, 2018: “Aging and OUR Health: Perspectives from the Bench for Future Applications to the Clinic” by Dr. Anne Wertheimer, Assistant Research Professor in BIO 5, The University of Arizona

July 25, 2018: “Nationally Competitive Scholarships and Graduate Fellowships” by  Georgia Ehler and Dr. David Neufeld, The University of Arizona

August 28, 2018: “RNP Granules in Health and Disease” by Dr. Roy Parker, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at The University of Colorado Boulder, Hosted by The University of Arizona 2018 Beckman Scholars