Data Sciences Academy / UBRP Fellowships

The Data Sciences Academy and UBRP are partnering together to provide research experiences to undergraduates whose interests are in the life sciences and whose academic background has a strong data science component, including mathematics, statistics, and/or computer science. Over the next decade, the Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates that three quarters of the new jobs in the STEM workforce will have a serious data science component. With new challenges in health science, environmental science, and agricultural science, the life sciences are certainly at the center of this new way of doing science and engineering. DSA/UBRP provides its participants with a privileged glimpse into the future of science by giving them hands-on experience in biological research grounded in data sciences.

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Interested in participating? Submit an application to UBRP and mark the DSA interest box.

Picture of Paige Rudy explaining tasks and data collection to a fellow student in front of a computer

DSA/UBRP Fellow Paige Rudy explains and demonstrates the upper-extremity tasks and data collection to a fellow student.