Quinn Reilly

Assistant Program Director

Quinn Reilly believes in the power of community and strives to help others find the support they need through community building. As Assistant Director, Quinn hopes to improve student engagement in research opportunities and empower students to seek out new opportunities to serve their community, engage with their peers, and challenge themselves. Quinn graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology in 2020 and Master’s in Applied Bioscience in 2022. Quinn performed environmental microbiology research as an undergraduate at the Water & Energy Sustainable Technology (WEST) Center under the direction of Dr. Charles Gerba which showed them the value of participating in research. While working as a graduate teaching assistant, she discovered the joys of sharing her enthusiasm for science with her students. Quinn also worked as a laboratory coordinator for the School of Animal Comparative Biomedical Sciences and as an intern for Research Laboratory & Safety Services and Dr. Luisa Ikner. Outside of work, Quinn enjoys gardening, climbing, listening to new music and going for walks with their dog.