Support UBRP on Giving Day!

Feb. 8, 2022

Spread some love this Valentine's day!

Giving Day

Make a difference in the lives of young scientists by taking part in University of Arizona's Giving Day!

The UBRP Greatest Needs Fund (20-10-0426) supports our most financially challenged students in work-study research positions, and helps to alleviate the need for students to take on another job to support themselves in college.  The UBRP Endowment (40-10-4740) provides steady funds equivalent to 4 percent of the endowment’s balance on a yearly basis to sustain UBRP for the future. 

To contribute, visit the Giving Day website and click on the "Give Now" button.  To direct your gift to UBRP, set the "Fund Designation" field to Other, and in the "Please designate gift below" field, type in 20-10-0426 for the UBRP Greatest Needs Fund, or 40-10-4740 for the UBRP Endowment.  Gifts of any amount are greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your kind support!