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The Undergraduate Biology Research Program (UBRP) gives the brightest University of Arizona undergraduate students the opportunity to work towards becoming world-class researchers and professionals by becoming involved in research with top-notch UA science professors.  Students participate in hands-on mentored, self-directed work, allowing them to contribute to advancing scientific knowledge early in their careers.

For 30 years, UBRP has enabled the best and brightest undergraduate students to hone their critical thinking and problems solving skills, launching them to become successful scientists, engineers, physicians, and allied health professionals who make a positive difference to society.

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YOUR DONATION TO UBRP FURTHER ADVANCES SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND MEDICINE! By supporting UBRP’s bright, young student researchers you contribute to creating tomorrow’s cadre of dedicated scientists, engineers, and physicians who contribute to improving the quality of life for all.

Ways to give:

You can click here to contribute online or write a check payable to The University of Arizona Foundation (include “UBRP Fund, 20-10-0426” or “UBRP Endowment, 20-10-2852” in the memo line), and mail it to:

Jennifer Cubeta, UBRP Director
Life Sciences South 348
PO Box 210106
The University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721-0106

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Dr. Brenda S. Gardner

Drs. John Hildebrand (in memory of Dr. Michael Wells) & Gail Burd  •  Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. & Kim A. Nelson • Dr. Sheldon L. Trubatch & Ms. Katharina Phillips

Dr. Susheela Carroll •  Dr. A. Teresa Isaias • Dr. Miriam C. Ruth •  Mr. Nick Soloway and Ms. Kay Ransdell • Dr. Teri Suzuki & Oleg Lysyj • Dr. John A. Szivek

Dr. Richard & Mrs. Laura Austin   •  Prof. Carol Bender  •  Mr. Robert Bender  • Dr. Sajiv Boggavarapu • Dr. Margaret Briehl • Richard Edelman • Dr. Megan O’Meara & Mr. Brian D. Massey •  Dr. Sarah K. Nelson-Taylor  • Dr. Elena Plante • Mr. Robert Smith • Ms. Samantha Szuter • Dr. Kenneth Teter  •  Dr. Allison Titcomb •  Drs. V.K. Viswanathan and Gayatri Vedantam

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The American Online Giving Foundation • Ms. Roxie Catts • Mr. Matthew Chaung • Ms. Monica Chaung • Mrs. Jennifer Cubeta • Mr. Mario Gastelum • Mr. David Gonzales • Dr. Xi He • Mr. Rohith Jayaram • Dr. David Johnson • Ms. Rosalind Longmire • Raytheon Company – Matching Gifts • Dr. Ronald Teed •  Ms. Cathy Tran • Dr. Elizabeth Vierling • Dr. Guang Yao