What Do Students Get Out of UBRP?

Each year, it takes approximately $30,000 to provide our most financially challenged UBRP students with federal work-study research positions during the academic year. Currently, 17 out of our 100 UBRP students are in work-study positions for the the 2020-21 academic year.

We have already raised $15,000 this year to support our work-study students, and we aim to raise an additional $15,000 by December 31, 2020. If you would like to give to the Greatest Needs for UBRP Fund to support these students, please donate here.  All gifts are greatly appreciated!

Picture of Estevan Sandoval in the laboratory
“My experience in UBRP has been one of the highlights of my time at the University of Arizona. This program has supported me in numerous ways, from financial support to helping me develop professional/life skills. There is no better way to learn about science and research than a hands on experience, which UBRP gave me the opportunity to have. UBRP has helped me become a better scientist and a better teacher.” -Estevan Sandoval
Picture of Megan Nickerson at the lab bench
“This is my second summer working with UBRP and I study ecosystem genomics with the U’Ren lab at the BIO5 Institute. I loved having the opportunity to feel connected to my peers and continue researching despite the circumstances of this year. UBRP puts students in a fantastic position to gain important experience with researching, networking, and communicating scientific research. I am beyond grateful to have participated in this program.” -Megan Nickerson
Picture of Viktoria Kirschnerova in the laboratory
“I’m so glad I got to join UBRP, because it allowed me to work on my passion during the summer, and gain a more real-life, full-time experience of being a researcher. I also learned about the coolest projects that other students work on!” – Viktoria Kirschnerova