Victor “Blue” Paat on KXCI’s “Thesis Thursday” – 1/31/19

Victor “Blue” Paat is an undergraduate senior studying Neuroscience and Cognitive Science with minors in Biochemistry and Music. He currently studies with Dr. Anna Dornhaus and Dr. Kenny Chapin regarding social insects, like ants or bees. He specifically works on how the size of a colony may influence their behavior when in contact with an enemy colony. Blue notes that his interests are in how different systems communicate to accomplish goals. In addition to his research with social insects, Blue works closely with the Sonoran UCEDD for advocacy and research in developmental disability. His overall goal is to pursue his MD/PhD to explore the systems underlying developmental spectral disorders, like Fetal Alcohol Spectral Disorder, to improve its evaluation and treatment. When he is not doing research, you could find him playing piano or taking relaxing drives around town.

Picture of Victor "Blue" Paat using a microscope

Picture of Victor "Blue" Paat at a Neuroscience Conference

Picture of Blue in a shark mouth