UBRP Summer 2019 in photos

It has been a busy summer! UBRP participants are conducting research, participating in activities, workshops, and seminars, going on field trips, serving the community, and more.

Picture of students holding up prizes
Students show off their prizes after an icebreaker activity at UBRP Orientation.
Picture of Andrew Vizzerra holding a house finch
Andrew Vizzerra traps house finches in order to study physiological and morphological diversity in a species undergoing a range expansion.
Picture of students
Tessa Spangler and AJ Aguilar conduct research in Dr. Anita Koshy’s lab.
Picture of students riding mine cart
UBRP participants ride an old mine cart into Queen Mine in Bisbee, AZ.
Mykell Sam performs water vouchering of fungal samples.
Picture of students in Dr. Daniela Zarnescu's lab
The Zarnescu Lab studies ALS in fruit fly models. From left to right: Maria Elena Macias, Hannah Ball, Alexander Blythe, and My Duyen (Meyoon) Tran.
Picture of Kiera Blawn looking through a microscope
Kiera Blawn checks the confluency of bend.3 cells using a microscope.
Picture of Sandy Slovikosky in the field
Enjoying a day at the “office,” Sandy Slovikosky studies how Mexican woodrats find their way home.
Picture of Angela Velasquez in front of her computer
Angela Velázquez posed with an image taken of the stained mouse brain. This round of staining was used to determine the specificity of the red fluorescent dye which stains for double bond breaks in the DNA.
UBRP volunteers pack food boxes at the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. From left to right: Alexander Blythe, Armando Cancino, Jared Igbinoba, Meyoon Tran, Sylvia Zarnescu, Chloë Paterson, Emily Peters, and Amanda Warner.
Picture of Kristina Sin, preparing for an experiment
Kristina Sin prepares for a qPCR assay for her treated human induced pluripotent stem cell derived cardiomyocytes.
Picture of Randall Eck presenting to students
Beckman Scholar Randall Eck walks students through a series of activities on writing scientific press releases in an effort to increase dialogue between scientists and the public.
Picture of Chloe Paterson
Chloë Paterson monitors and records which bumblebees are sampling nectar from artificial flowers.
Eddie Vargas studies the molecular mechanisms that underlie the vocal symptoms of Parkinson’s disease by using microscopy and immunofluorescence. He enjoys being in the lab and trying new experiments to validate his results.
Picture of students painting
UBRP students take a break from research for “Bob Ross Painting Night.”
Picture of Erica Spence at the lab bench
Erica Spence changes the media on her cells so they can have a new food source and remain unstressed.