UBRP Alumni Reunite in Baltimore!

Picture of UBRP alumni

Left to right: UBRP Alumni Miguel Pacheco (2018), Jordan Barrows (2017), Ben Zaepfel (2017), Kai Aragaki (2018), Cathy Tran (2017), and Leo Bartik (2006).

What do four Johns Hopkins graduate students, an anesthesiologist, and a surprise guest from Minnesota have in common? They were all present for the first UBRP alumni meet-up in Baltimore, Maryland! On January 16, six UBRP alumni met at The Brewer’s Art, a local bar that brews some of Baltimore’s favorite beer. While feasting on garlic fries, hand-twisted pretzels, and gourmet burgers, we talked about the daily goings-on in each of our lives.

Although many of us see each other frequently in the halls of the Johns Hopkins medical campus, it was great to meet Leo Bartik (class of 2006), an anesthesiologist at Sinai Hospital. Moreover, it was a pleasant surprise to have Cathy Tran (2017) fly out from Minnesota to take part in this meet-up. We all had a great time and look forward to the next chance we all have to get together again!