Shanoa Nez on KXCI’s “Thesis Thursday” – 6/25/2020

Hello, I am Shanoa Nez. I am from Rapid City, South Dakota, and I am the eldest of two siblings. I am an incoming senior at the University of Arizona’s Honors College. I am majoring in Molecular & Cellular Biology with a minor in Public Health. In addition, I serve as the secretary for the University of Arizona’s American Indian and Indigenous Health Alliance Club, which promotes health careers for American Indian students. I am also a student mentor for the Arizona, Science, Engineering, and Math scholars’ program. Furthermore, for the past three years, I participated as a research assistant for the University of Arizona Native American Cancer Prevention Research Program. Under the guidance of Dr. Robin Harris, we conduct one of the most innovative research to help understand Helicobacter Pylori (H. pylori) among American Indians and Alaskan Natives. 

Picture of Shaona Nez standing in front of a large tree, with green grass
Picture of Shaona Nez surrounded by family and friends