Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a bachelor’s degree but I am working on a second bachelor’s degree. Can I apply to UBRP?

Yes. The UBRP selection committee will consider applications from students who are working on a second bachelor’s degree if they are enrolled in seven credit hours or more AND are “degree seeking.” Students who are ONLY fulfilling course requirements to be able to apply to professional and graduate school are not eligible.

I am not a student at the University of Arizona, can I apply to UBRP?

No. Participation in UBRP is restricted to University of Arizona undergraduates. We would like students to be able to continue their research experience beyond a summer experience, which is why we support only University of Arizona students.

I am working for a faculty member who is not on the UBRP mentor list. Can I still be in UBRP and stay in his/her lab?

Yes, if s/he is willing to become a UBRP faculty mentor. Some of our most active faculty mentors have been recruited by students in this way. The faculty member should contact Jennifer Cubeta, UBRP Director (, and she will explain what is involved. If the faculty member wants to sign up, we will add him/her to our list.

Can I start UBRP in the fall?

No. UBRP students begin work in May and continue to work in the lab full time for twelve weeks or more during the summer. This way, the student becomes immersed in a research project that can be carried on during the academic year when s/he has competing demands on his/her time from courses and other commitments. We have found that adding students to the program during the academic year does not work well because the student does not have the large blocks of time available to him/her in the summer. This does not mean that you can’t work in a lab, it just means that you need to find a position for yourself independent of UBRP, and many people do!

I need to take six credit hours of summer school classes to graduate on time. Can I still participate in UBRP?

No. Summer school courses are intensive because they cover an entire semester’s work in only few weeks. The amount of time students must spend on summer school classes cuts into the time they can spend in the lab. We want students to work full time which means NOT taking summer school classes. Summer school is important for some students and a worthy activity. But so is summer research. Each student needs to decide what is best for him/herself.

I have another job on campus, can I still participate in UBRP?

During the summer, UBRP students are expected to work 35 hours per week conducting research. This means that you cannot work another job on campus while participating in UBRP during the summer time.

Can I attend UBRP functions if I am not a part of UBRP?

Everyone is welcome to attend UBRP seminars and panels. Students who are not part of UBRP and who are working in labs can present posters of their work at the annual UBRP conference as long as they have the endorsement of the faculty member in whose lab they are working.

Can freshmen apply to UBRP?

Absolutely! We encourage students to apply as freshmen.

I am not a biology major. Can I apply to UBRP?

Of course. While the majority of UBRP students major in one of the biological sciences, we have had a number of engineering students, students from the social sciences and humanities, and other areas. The UBRP selection committee members look more closely at the student’s reasons for seeking a research experience in biology and how this fits in with his/her career goals than they do at the student’s major.

I have class all afternoon on February 1. Can I submit my application first thing in the morning on February 2?

Absolutely not. The deadline for applications is firmly set for February 1 at 5:00pm, Arizona Time – no exceptions. You can always submit the application early. There is no need to wait until the last minute. Late and incomplete applications will not be accepted.

I am an Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP) student.  Am I eligible for UBRP?

AMP undergraduates are eligible for UBRP prior to completing the Bachelor’s degree.  However, once an AMP student completes his/her Bachelor’s degree, they are converted to graduate standing, and are no longer eligible for UBRP.