UBRP Eligibility

Eligible students are UA undergraduates enrolled in a minimum of seven credit hours who are in good academic standing and who have an interest in biological research. Students who already have a bachelor’s degree, and are working on a second bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply, however, they must be in a degree program (i.e. students who are not degree seeking and are simply taking the prerequisite courses to apply to medical school are not eligible). To be paid for the experience, a student must be an American citizen or permanent resident or, in the case of foreign nationals, hold a visa allowing him/her to work in this country.

Students are added to the program once a year, at the beginning of the summer. We expect students to work full time for 12 weeks during the summer and to become immersed in their project. Students participating in UBRP should not take summer school classes because this reduces the time and effort they can commit to their research. Students are required to participate in a one hour payroll meeting held at the end of March or beginning of April (to be scheduled). They are also required to participate in a two-day orientation to be held in mid-May on the University of Arizona campus. Students applying to the program should be prepared to arrange their schedules to meet these requirements.

In summary, you must meet the following conditions for your application to be considered:

  • Degree Seeking UA Undergrad
  • Enrolled in a minimum of 7 credit hours
  • In Tucson or Phoenix and able to work full time during the summer

To be paid for your participation, you must be a US Citizen, Permanent Resident, or hold a visa allowing you to work in the US.