1.  Can I take classes while in the summer research program?  

No.  You are expected to work full time for a minimum of 12 weeks during the summer.  You SHOULD NOT enroll in summer session classes because University policy restricts students enrolled in even a single credit hour to working only 25 hours per week.

2. What if I identify a faculty sponsor who is not on the sponsor list?  Will that work?

Yes, if s/he is willing to become a UBRP faculty sponsor. Some of our most active faculty sponsors have been recruited by students in this way. The faculty member should call UBRP Director Carol Bender (520.621.9348), and she will explain what is involved. If the faculty member wants to sign up, we add him/her to our list.

3.  I have a job on campus.  Can I still participate in the NSCS summer program?

The University has a rule that students should not work more than 40 hours per week if they are not enrolled in classes during the summer and not more than 30 hours per week if they are enrolled (even in a single credit hour). If you were to be working at a job and in the summer program, and putting in a credible performance with both, it is likely that you are routinely exceeding these university mandated limits. While you may feel that you can do justice to both jobs, the University will not permit students to exceed these maximums on a regular basis.

4. Do I have to be an NSCS major or pre-major to apply? 

Absolutely!  No exceptions will be made.

5. Can I earn credit as well as being paid for the work I do through the NSCS summer program?


6.  Can I submit an application to both the UBRP program and the NSCS Summer Research Program?

Yes.  But if you are selected to both, you will have to decide on one of them.