NSCS Summer Research Program

Neuroscience and Cognitive Science Summer Research Program

Special Notice for Summer 2017: For the last 3 years we have been fortunate to be able to offer what has been a highly successful, paid, summer-long research program.  That program was funded for 3 years by a grant from a private foundation.  This foundation solicits proposals from specific organizations.  They have not yet made any decisions about whether they would like us to submit a proposal and to date we have not found other sources of funding to go after.  The upshot then is that we hope to be asked, but likely will not know by the time we need to open up the application process for slots in the summer research program (SRP). We decided to go ahead with the application process because the timeline is far better for everyone if that process occurs early in the spring semester and because we have gotten good feedback over the last few years in response to our annual reports to the foundation.  So…. If you would like to be considered for the SRP for the summer of 2017, please submit an application. We’ll keep you all updated on progress toward funding.

The NSCS Summer Research Program is intended for students in the UA NSCS program, either pre-majors or majors, who want an intensive research experience to develop a deeper understanding of neuroscience and cognitive science, to help consolidate classroom learning, and to help in deciding on a career path.

The NSCS Summer Research Program is offered in conjunction with the Undergraduate Biology Research Program, so students in the NSCS Summer Research Program will have access to all the components of the Undergraduate Biology Research Program’s (UBRP) Summer Research experience, but it operates as a separate entity within the UBRP program and thus has some additional requirements for admission.  It also has additional components specific to neuroscience and cognitive science.  In particular, there will be a 3-day boot camp that includes clinical imaging and recording, electrophysiology, genomics and large databases, and microscopy.  In addition, students are expected to attend the UBRP research seminars and every-other-week small-group sessions focused on NSCS research.  The summer culminates in poster session for NSCS students that is attended by faculty, lab members, members of the neuroscience and cognitive science research community, and families and friends.

Because summer research internships for NSCS students are offered under the UBRP umbrella, please be sure to read about UBRP on other parts of this site so that you understand the organization, expectations, and benefits of that program.

Participants in the NSCS Summer Research Program will work for 12 weeks full time in the summer.  There is no academic year program at this time. As noted above, participation will be contingent upon funding (a proposal may be submitted in the spring of 2017).

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