EHS-TRUE Travel Awards

EHS-TRUE Procedure for Requesting Scientific Meeting Travel Support:  The EHS-TRUE program has travel funds available for EHS-TRUE students involved in research who would like to attend a scientific meeting to present their work. To be eligible the student must:

1) have a paper or poster accepted for presentation at a professional conference

2) be an undergraduate student at the time the work to be presented was completed and at the time of travel

3) present, or be about to present, the work in poster form at the Annual Undergraduate Biology Research Conference

4) Investigate whether other mechanisms of supporting your trip are also available to you, and if so apply for them

5) complete an application with the information listed below:

* Name, address, and phone number

* Current year in college and expected date of graduation

* Conference to be attended, location and date, and dates of travel

* Copy of the materials submitted for presentation

* Copy of acceptance letter from conference organizers

* Letter of endorsement from the faculty sponsor

* Detailed budget request (eligible costs include registration fees, transportation, hotel, and per diem)

* Listing of other sources of funding for the trip to which you have applied and funds that have been committed to you for the trip

Funds for this activity come from a grant from NIH and the amount available annually varies. Decisions will be made on a first come, first served basis until all travel funds are expended for the year. Awards will be generally limited to $1,000, although exceptional requests will be considered. If you have any questions contact Marisa Lester ( or Walt Klimecki (

You can download a template here: EHS-TRUE Travel Funds Request.