UBRP Seminars and Panels

UBRP offers seminars and panels that are free and open to the public. Below is an archive for past seminars and panels on youtube.com. Please see the calendar for upcoming seminars and panels.


Dr. Eric Walk giving a seminar


May 23, 2018: “The Business of Science and Medicine: A Pathologist’s Serendipitous Journey Into the Pharmaceutical Industry” by Dr. Eric Walk, Chief Scientific and Medical Officer at Ventana Medical Systems

June 6, 2018: “Swollen Shoot Disease of Cacao: The Tale of an Exotic Plant’s Fate in a Foreign Land” by Dr. Judith Brown, Professor of Plant Sciences

June 20, 2018: “My Path, and Others’, to Studying Primates in the Lab and Field” by Dr. Stacey Tecot, Associate Professor of Anthropology

June 27, 2018: “PhD, MD, and Beyond: A UBRP Small Group Panel”