UBRP Ambassadors

Mission and Goals

The UBRP Ambassadors are student representatives for the Undergraduate Biology Research Program. We also act as liaisons of the program to the University of Arizona and Tucson community. The Ambassadors aim to strengthen the UBRP community by providing a number of opportunities for students to interact with each other and with others outside the UBRP community. The UBRP Ambassadors aim to enrich the undergraduate research experience for the program’s students and help them understand the importance of being engaged with the community as scientists.

Picture of students riding mine cart
Field trip to Queen Mine in Bisbee

2020-2021 UBRP Ambassador Officers

Picture of Megan Nickerson
  • Megan Nickerson, President
  • megannickerson@email.arizona.edu
  • Class Standing: Senior
  • Major: Microbiology
  • Research Interest: My lab studies the biodiversity, biogeography, evolutionary origins, and ecological roles of plant-associated microorganisms. I focus primarily on fungal endophytes and their relationship with leaf chemistry.
  • Professional Goal: I hope to move on to graduate school to pursue a PhD in microbiology and continue to contribute to the knowledge of our complex microbial world.
  • Fun Fact: I have a bearded dragon named Senator Jellybean.
Picture of Mac McGraw
  • Mac McGraw, Vice President
  • mmcgraw1@email.arizona.edu
  • Class Standing: Sophomore
  • Majors: Physiology and Molecular & Cellular Biology
  • Research Interest: I study different cell lines and growth conditions that lead to optimal cell viability and insulin production inside an encapsulation device for type one diabetic treatment. 
  • Professional Goal: Attend medical school and become a pediatric endocrinologist.
  • Fun Fact: Before high school, I was a hip-hop dancer for several years!
Picture of Shaan Bhullar
  • Shaan Bhullar, Secretary
  • shaanbhullar@email.arizona.edu
  • Class Standing: Sophomore
  • Major: Microbiology
  • Research Interest: HPV and Cervical Cancer
  • Professional Goal: Attend graduate school and continue to pursue a career in virology-related research.
  • Fun Fact: I have broken the same wrist four time playing basketball and Ultimate Frisbee.
Picture of Brandon Good
  • Brandon Good, Volunteer Coordinator
  • brandongood@email.arizona.edu
  • Class Standing: Sophomore
  • Major: Neuroscience and Cognitive Science
  • Research Interest: Sleep and Mental Disorders
  • Professional Goal: I want to go to graduate school and get a PhD in order to run my own lab!
  • Fun Fact: I play in the Arizona Symphony Orchestra.
Picture of My Duyen "Meyoon" Tran
  • My Duyen “Meyoon” Tran, Pen Pals Coordinator
  • mydtran@email.arizona.edu
  • Class Standing: Junior
  • Majors: Molecular & Cellular Biology and Gender & Women’s Studies
  • Research Interest: Neurodegeneration and Aging
  • Professional Goal: Medicine!
  • Fun Fact: I was an amateur kickboxer in high school.

Past Events:

  • Bob Ross Paint Night
  • End of Summer Picnic
  • Science Cafes
  • Journal Club
  • Know Your Propositions
  • Bisbee Queen Mine Tour
  • Holiday Party
  • Salsa Making Competition
  • Potluck Party
  • Video Game Night
  • Visit Arizona-Sorona Desert Museum
  • Pen Pals with Mansfeld Middle School