UBRP Ambassadors

Mission and GoalsMounir Koussa

The UBRP Ambassadors are student representatives for the Undergraduate Biology Research Program. We also act as liaisons of the program to the University of Arizona and Tucson community. The Ambassadors aim to strengthen the UBRP community by providing a number of opportunities for students to interact with each other and with others outside the UBRP community. The UBRP Ambassadors aim to enrich the undergraduate research experience for the program’s students and help them understand the importance of being engaged with the community as scientists.

2019-2020 UBRP Ambassador Officers

Picture of Allison EbyAllison Eby, President

Year: Senior
Major: Physiology
Research: Parkinson’s Disease
Professional Goals: Cardiothoracic surgeon and to be an advocate for accessible and affordable healthcare.
Fun Fact: I have a twin brother.

Picture of Andrew Alamban working in the labAndrew Alamban, Vice President

Year: Senior
Major: Molecular & Cellular Biology and Mathematics
Research: I study gap junction proteins that facilitate direct cell-cell communication and its effects on cell proliferation.
Professional Goals: Attend graduate school and go into academia to pursue careers in research, education, and to promote science appreciation among the general public.
Fun Fact: I once thought chocolate milk came from brown cows.

Picture of Amelia Lappenbusch in front of a body of waterAmelia Lappenbusch, Secretary

Year: Junior
Major: Biology and Classics
Research: Rb-E2F Gene Network, Yao Lab
Professional Goals: To earn my PhD as a biological researcher!
Fun Fact: In high school, my personal best time solving a Rubik’s Cube was 1:07 minutes, but now I can barely solve one at all!

Picture of Amanda Warner hiking in the desertAmanda Warner, Volunteer Chair

Year: Senior
Major: Molecular & Cellular Biology and Biochemistry
Research: Novel turnover mechanisms of the Huntingtin protein
Professional Goals: Graduate school for cancer research
Fun Fact: I love hiking and playing volleyball with friends.

Picture of Randall Eck holding a prize ribbonRandall Eck, Pen Pals Coordinator

Major: Neuroscience & Cognitive Science and Political Science
Research: I study the dynamic assembly of RNA stress granules in the context of aging and stress using fruit fly models of neurodegeneration and a rat model of induced stress with behavior.
Professional Goals: I hope to pursue a  Ph.D in neurobiology after graduating but also continue to contribute to  the science journalism and public policy communities.
Fun Fact: I got second place in UBRP’s 2018 Salsa Making Competition.

UBRP Ambassadors’ Past Events:

  • Bob Ross Paint Night
  • End of Summer Picnic
  • Science Cafes
  • Know Your Propositions
  • Bisbee Queen Mine Tour
  • Holiday Party
  • Salsa Making Competition
  • Potluck Party
  • Pen Pals with Mansfeld Middle School