Maya Bose on KXCI’s “Thesis Thursday” – 7/23/2020

Hello! My name is Maya Bose and I am going into my senior year of majoring in bioinformatics at the University of Arizona. I am currently in my second summer of participating in the UA’s Undergraduate Biology Research Program and working in the lab of Dr. Rebecca Mosher. The focus of the lab is studying RNA-directed DNA Methylation (RdDM), which is a plant-specific process through which small-RNAs are created, processed, and used to direct DNA Methylation of transposable elements in the genome. My work is focused on computation and data analysis, which has made the switch to working from home much less of a hassle. This fall, I am planning on applying to PhD programs in Bioinformatics. In my free time, I enjoy reading (especially sci-fi and fantasy), and re-watching my favorite show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Picture of Maya Bose standing in front of a vine covered wall
Picture of Maya Bose working from home on her laptop
Picture of Maya Bose holding a pumpkin at Apple Annie's