Madison Mollico on KXCI’s “Thesis Thursday” – 10/29/2020

My name is Madison Mollico, but everyone calls me Madi. This year, I am a senior at the University of Arizona. In spring, I will be completing my bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, as well as minors in microbiology and chemistry. I’ve been working in Dr. Dave Baltrus’ lab in the School of Plant Sciences since 2018. I’ve helped out on quite a few projects, from analyzing horse feces to making dog breath smell like mint, but my main focus is on the CRISPR system on the megaplasmid pBASL58 and its importance in microbial ecology. After graduation, I am planning to attend veterinary school and pursue a career in laboratory animal medicine. When I’m not in the lab or studying, I’m usually doting on my pet rabbit, Paisley Mae, painting with watercolor, or reading Margaret Atwood novels. I’m super proud to be a first-generation college student and I am hoping to make a difference in educational accessibility and mental health for veterinary students during my career.

Picture of Madison Mollico standing in front of a plant covered wall
Picture of Madison Mollico looking at a petri dish in the lab
Picture of Madison Mollico holding a black and white baby goat