Konner Kirwan speaking on KXCI’s “Thesis Thursday” – 2/14/2017

Picture of Konner Kirwan in the labHaving moved over 17 times, I would say I have lived a pretty nomadic lifestyle. Despite my life being in constant flux, though, I am happy to say that the University of Arizona has become a second home to me. Currently, I am an undergraduate sophomore studying Neuroscience and Cognitive Science and Molecular and Cellular Biology. I am pursuing these degrees because I am fascinated with disease, especially neurodegenerative disorders. It’s baffling to think that such tiny alterations to the body on a molecular and cellular level can cause such devastating damage to an individual. Aside from me being a total nerd, though, I really enjoy going running, hiking and playing classical piano. I’ll be running a half marathon next month with hopes of completing a full marathon later this year!