Haley Kenner “Thesis Thursday” – 10/31/19

Hi! I am a junior Honors student at the University of Arizona studying Neuroscience and Cognitive Science with minors in Biochemistry and Mathematics. This past summer I studied in the Lukas/Whiteaker/George lab at Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, AZ, exploring the role of ion channels in neurons that die early on in Alzheimer’s Disease that are responsible for major cognitive processes. Now during the academic year I have just begun studying in Dr. Rajesh Khanna’s lab, which is more focused on how ion channels are involved in pain. I am taking my MCAT this year and hope to begin applying to MD/PhD schools next fall! I love hiking and visiting Mount Lemmon, trying new restaurants around Tucson, and hanging out with animals.

Picture of Haley Kenner
Picture of Haley Kenner presenting a scientific poster to a man
Picture of Haley Kenner petting a Corgi therapy dog.