Give to Help Us Stretch Our Support!

Remember how hard it was to work your way through college? The Undergraduate Biology Research Program (UBRP) has it all figured out and can help our current exceptional students stay exceptional! We devised the program for students so that there will be no more asking “do you want fries with that?” or delivering pizza at night and on weekends to pay for books and tuition. UBRP offers paid research positions in biological and biomedical fields to students during the academic year and summer so students can continue learning in research labs throughout the year. UBRP also helps federal work-study students get through college with part-time paid positions during the academic year.  The $2,200 of support a work-study student gets, in addition to contributions from federal work-study funds and UBRP mentors can stretch to provide $7,400 in income for the academic year!

Please consider joining our cause and commit to supporting exceptional students through UBRP.  In 2018, UBRP aims to raise $35,000 to support our work-study UBRPers for the academic year. Please help us to support our neediest students by becoming a Friend of UBRP or making a contribution at  Contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated!