Filip Hanak on KXCI’s “Thesis Thursday” – 1/21/2021

My name is Filip Hanak and I am a senior at the University of Arizona double-majoring in Neuroscience & Cognitive Science and Molecular & Cellular Biology, and minoring in Biochemistry. I started college thinking I would become a physician, but along the way I fell in love with research, and now I am applying to PhD programs in neuroscience. I’m a student in Dr. John Streicher’s lab, where we study the pharmacology of pain, and try to develop better therapies for treating pain. I’m working on a project focused on investigating the effects of intermittent fasting on opioid therapy. Our previous work has demonstrated that mice who undergo intermittent fasting tend to respond better to opioids – the drug is more effective and has less side effects. I’m exploring how exactly that happens on the molecular level. Outside of the lab, I like to spend as much time as possible with my friends – usually hiking, lounging at the pool, watching movies together and just hanging out. I also love being involved in leadership, teaching, and community service.

Picture of Filip Hanak standing in front of a Blue and Red wall.