Experimental Biology Alumni Night Restarted

On April 23 in San Diego, a group of 5 current and former Wildcats met for an alumni dinner. Several years ago we had stopped our tradition of having alumni dinners at the Experimental Biology conference but now are reinstating the event. The downtown area of San Diego has changed a bit with the closing of the Hard Rock and the moving of Yard House so for our first reboot, we picked the Old Spaghetti Factory. Several of us current Wildcats met up with alumni Amit Indap (from UBRP) and Spencer Escobedo (BS Biochem), currently a graduate student in Purdue. We had a long chat about campus, careers, computers and biochemistry (bioinformatics really).

Alumni dinners are a great way to keep in touch with former students and mentors. They are also a great way for current students to get to network with our graduates. We look forward to having another evening out next year. Experimental Biology will be held in Orlando, FL from April 6-9, 2019. Our tentative dinner is April 7, 2019. Save the date!