23rd Annual Conference

Shameema Sikder, MD

Shameema Sikder, MD

The conference is now history, but what a conference it was! Nearly 100 posters were presented on
topics that ranged from control of agricultural pests, to heart development, to behavioral therapy
for insomnia, to understanding how infants form object categories, and much, much more! While the
majority of students presenting were UA undergraduates, a group of students from Northern Arizona
University (NAU) and a group from NAU in Yuma were among the participants. Finally, students from
the KEYS program, a high school outreach program sponsored by BIO5, displayed their work.

Dr. Gene Sander, UA President, dropped by and spoke of the importance of involving students in
research. Dr. Shameema Sikder, UBRP and Beckman Scholar alumna, now an Assistant Professor of
Ophthalmology at Johns Hopkins University, gave the keynote address. Her words were an inspiration
to all!

Dr. Frans E. Tax and Sarah Mount-Patrick were the recipients of the Outstanding UBRP Mentor awards
this year. It was clear from the students’ introduction of them that they have contributed
enormously to the students’ intellectual and personal development! Also honored were Dr. Sam
Campos, Dr. Brad Davidson, Dr. Eniko Enikov, Dr. Bentley Fane, Dr. Johnny Fares, Dr. Jean Marc
Fellous, Dr. Indraneel Ghosh, Dr. Pawel Kiela, Dr. Terry Matsunaga, Dr. Sara Burke, Ms. Hope Dang,
Dr. Vijay Maratiradhakrishnan, Ms. Jennifer Norton, Ms. Cara Sherwood, and Dr. Marina Vardanyan.

If you missed the conference or would like to refresh your memory of it, it can be seen here in
the on-line proceedings!

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