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UA students, professor speak to encourage academic partnership with Czech Republic at Prague Fulbright conference

Picture of faculty panel at Fulbright

(Original article posted to the Arizona Daily Wildcat at PRAGUE — Three students and a professor representing the UA were personally invited to share their experience of studying abroad in the Czech Republic, and to talk about how to

Prozkoumat! Extends Students’ Horizons

Picture of Daniela Gutierrez-Munoz giving a science demonstration to local children

The Prozkoumat! Program (“Explore” in Czech), in its second year, is in full swing!  Ten UA undergraduate researchers are involved in full-time research at the Czech Academy of Sciences Institute of Parasitology in Ceske Budejovice, Czech for ten weeks.  In

Dr. Libor Grubhoffer to be Awarded Honorary Degree

A parasitologist and biochemist, Libor Grubhoffer has an international reputation of excellence in his fields and extensive history of collaboration and partnership with the University of Arizona (UA). As past rector (president) of the University of South Bohemia – located

People-to-People Scientific Experience Is Transformational

Picture of Ceske Krumlov

About a year ago I stepped off a plane with nine incredible students and an amazing professor not realizing that I was about to embark on the greatest adventure of my life. My experience as a PROZKOUMATER! went beyond all

Castles, cows, cryptosporidium – Things I saw in the Czech Republic

If you’d have asked me beginning of last year what I’d be doing this past summer, I never would have told you I’d be spending it doing scientific research in the middle of Europe. At that point in time, I’d

Tick Rodeo and Other Adventures in the Czech Republic

Have any of you ever played Tick Rodeo? No, not a video game, it’s when you have twenty ticks in one tube and are trying to get them to another tube even though they don’t want to get out of

Prozkoumat! Experience “Eye-opening”!

If I had to describe my Prozkoumat experience in a single word it would be eye-opening.  After 10 weeks, I cannot recall what expectations I had for my stay in the Czech Republic at the University of South Bohemia,  but

Opportunities Abound for Prozkoumat! Student in the Heart of Europe

As I prepared to travel to the Czech Republic for ten weeks, I knew I would learn a lot about research and science, but I never expected the experience would teach me so much about myself. Ten excited students, including