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Special Opportunity to Support Student Conference Travel

Undergraduate Jasmine Lock presents her research at the 31st Annual UBRP Conference

UBRP participants present their research to the general public each year at UBRP’s annual conference, but they can benefit further by presenting their work at national and international scientific conferences where they can learn about the latest research and network

UBRP Endowment Ahead of Schedule for Full Establishment!

In January 2019, the creation of the UBRP Endowment by alumna Carol Arakaki was announced at the 30th Annual UBRP Conference. While original plans were for the endowment to reach the $25,000 needed to be fully established in 2023, the

30 Days of Gratitude!

Picture of students posing for the camer

From August 2 – 31, 2019, we’re celebrating 30 Days of Gratitude!  Stay tuned for photos, highlights, and quotes on UBRP’s Facebook page and Twitter. In addition to being thankful for our students, faculty mentors, our graduate students and post

Full Establishment of UBRP Endowment Ahead of Schedule!

The new UBRP Endowment was originally scheduled to be fully established with the required minimum balance of $25,000 by the end of 2022, but due to the generosity of additional donors, we are ahead of schedule! The endowment balance is

Alumna Carol Arakaki Establishes New UBRP Endowment

Picture of Carol Arakaki

In the fall of 1988, undergraduate Teri Suzuki asked Professor Michael Wells a simple question: “Is it possible for a student to work in a real research lab?” Professor Wells created an opportunity for Teri to work in his laboratory,

Approaching the Goal!

Currently, 18 UBRP students are conducting research through Federal Work-Study positions during the 2018-19 academic year.  These positions – funded by the federal government, mentor contributions, and support from our donors – enable them to offset their costs for college

Give to Help Us Stretch Our Support!

Remember how hard it was to work your way through college? The Undergraduate Biology Research Program (UBRP) has it all figured out and can help our current exceptional students stay exceptional! We devised the program for students so that there

How far can $40K go? Help us reach new heights!

This year, UBRP’s fundraising goal is $40,000 to support students in 2018.  As 2017 comes to a close, please consider giving to make a difference in a young scientist’s life. What would $40,000 do for UBRPers?  $40,000 would fully support:

A Good Start to Raising $40K in 2017!

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This summer, we welcome 93 students into research programs under the UBRP umbrella, 64 under UBRP proper. Our goal is to continue to offer the rich hands-on research experiences and educational opportunities that UBRP gives UA students, and our 2017

UBRP’s 2017 Fundraising Goal: $40K

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We are pleased to announce that UBRP’s 2016 goal of raising $35K for student support was met!  Thank you to everyone who contributed to this effort. For this year,  UBRP’s new fundraising goal is $40K by December 31, 2017.  UBRP