Bradey Stuart on KXCI’s “Thesis Thursday” – 2/20/2020

My name is Bradey Stuart and I am a senior majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Arizona. I am concurrently in the Accelerated Master’s Program in MCB as well. In my classes, I quickly realized I had an interest in Synthetic Biology. With this interest, I joined the lab of Dr. Ingmar Riedel-Kruse. I work on projects involving our recently developed “biofilm lithography” to selectively grow E. coli in specific patterns as well as furthering our synthetic cell-cell adhesion toolkit. In the future, I intend to apply to MD/PhD programs once I complete the Master’s program. Outside of school, I enjoy exploring the food of Tucson and spending time with friends!

Picture of Bradey Stuart
Picture of Bradey Stuart working at the lab bench
Picture of Bradey Stuart and a friend at an outdoor concert