…And Summer 2021 Begins!

We are excited to have a total of 117 students who will be conducting research under the UBRP umbrella this summer.  In addition to UBRP’s existing research programs, a new collaboration with the University of Arizona Data Science Academy (DSA) will involve eight UBRPers in interdisciplinary research experiences combining biology and data sciences.

We look forward to UBRP’s Summer Seminar Series, which will be held via Zoom and include both faculty speakers and UBRP alumni in industry, government, and academic positions.  The series will take place on alternating Wednesdays between May 26 and August 4 from 3:30 – 4:30pm (Pacific time) and these seminars are free and open to all interested (see events calendar). We are also excited to bring back in-person small group workshops for our UBRP participants this summer!

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