Amelia Lappenbusch on KXCI’s “Thesis Thursday” – 9/19/19

Amelia Lappenbusch is a junior majoring in Biology and Classics at the University of Arizona. Since her freshman year, she has worked in the Yao lab studying the cell cycle and quiescence with the help of her mentor, PhD Candidate Kotaro Fujimaki. She currently works on a project modeling the relationship between cellular stress proteins and ultimate cell fate, which she hopes could help to better understand the function of these proteins and their regulation of cell reproduction. After she graduates, Amelia wants to go to graduate school to continue her studies at the cellular level, and someday hopes to run her own lab. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, baking, dancing badly, and listening to all kinds of music. She also enjoys volunteering with her sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, to spread awareness of domestic violence and provide resources for those in crisis.

Picture of Amelia Lappenbusch with two labmates
Picture of Amelia Lappenbusch working under a fume hood in lab
Picture of Amelia Lappenbusch holding a small white dog
Picture of Amelia Lappenbusch standing in front of a body of water