Alumna Carol Arakaki Establishes New UBRP Endowment

In the fall of 1988, undergraduate Teri Suzuki asked Professor Michael Wells a simple question: “Is it possible for a student to work in a real research lab?” Professor Wells created an opportunity for Teri to work in his laboratory, and soon had additional undergraduate student scientists.  Seeing the need to educate students in the conduct of scientific research, Dr. Wells invited Carol Bender to coordinate a formal research education program, and UBRP was born! Three decades later, UBRP is running strong with over 2,500 alumni and continues to train and support approximately 100 undergraduate researchers each year.

As UBRP celebrates its 30th anniversary, we are excited to announce that a generous UBRP alumna, Ms. Carol Arakaki, has initiated an endowment with the goal of making UBRP available to University of Arizona students forever!

The UBRP Endowment will be fully established in 2021 when an initial balance of $25,000 is reached and will provide steady funds equivalent to 4 percent of the endowment’s balance on a yearly basis to support UBRP participants. As the endowment grows, we will be able to provide paid research positions for a growing number of UBRPers, regardless of changes in internal funding, the tenuous availability of external grants, and fluctuations in annual donor giving.

In celebration of UBRP’s 30th anniversary, please consider giving to support UBRP students in one of the following ways:

Sustain UBRP for future students, via the new UBRP Endowment. Join our founding group and give to grow the endowment fund. The more quickly the endowment grows, the sooner UBRP will be able receive funds to support students!

Help our current students by making a contribution to the UBRP Fund. Contributions to this fund will continue to support our students with financial need by funding research positions for them throughout the academic year.

Donations can be made online at Each year, donors contributing $250 or more to either fund will become members of Friends of UBRP. These donors receive a yearly student highlight publication and have access to a designated UBRP student host and reserved seating at the keynote talk at the annual UBRP Conference.

As always, contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your support!