Alexander Blythe on KXCI’s “Thesis Thursday” – 7/16/2020

Hi! My name is Alexander Blythe. I am a senior at the University of Arizona and am majoring in both biochemistry and molecular & cellular biology (MCB). I work as an undergraduate researcher in the laboratory of Dr. Daniela Zarnescu, where I study the molecular underpinnings of progressive motor neuron degeneration during Lou Gehrig’s disease, particularly as a result of the dysregulated translation of certain mRNA transcripts. After graduation, I plan to obtain either a Ph.D. or an MD and enter the biomedical research field with a focus on neurodegenerative diseases. Outside of the lab, I enjoy reading, practicing piano, catching up on an ever-growing list of movies and television shows, hiking Sabino Canyon, and exercising.

Picture of Alex Blythe presenting his research picture
Picture of Alex Blythe in the lab
Picture of Alex Blythe and his dog