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UBRP Summer Snapshot 2018

Picture of Sarah Hancock conducting research

This summer we asked UBRPers to submit pictures of them doing research. Please enjoy our UBRP Summer Snapshot here! Be sure to scroll down to see all of the pictures.

Stressing the Messenger

Picture of Lauren Wilson in Lab

Lauren Wilson, an undergraduate at the University of Arizona, has always dreamed of being a scientist. Originally from Lake Elsinore, CA, she spent her childhood inspired by Bill Nye and what she saw on the Discovery Channel. After high school,

Changing the Conversations of Cells

What if we could control how fast and how well a wound heals? Or make blood vessels from new materials? What if we could prevent tumor cells from getting nutrients? For Dr. Janis Burt’s physiology research group at the University

Caffeine Stimulates Drug Discovery for Parkinson’s Disease at UA

Picture of a Caffeine Molecule

Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disease worldwide after Alzheimer’s, and affects an estimated 1% of the population older than 60 years. This condition is known to cause a variety of neurological symptoms, such as difficulties with standing

Finding a Place in Science

Growing up, I never thought I would want to be a scientist – it just was not a place for me. I was convinced I would be a journalist and write about politics. Up until the end of high school,

The Right Path

Picture of a Man on a path

When I started at the University of Arizona, I declared as a molecular and cellular biology major. But I always had an interest in evolutionary biology and wanted to be an evolutionary biologist. When I was accepted into UBRP, I

Science and Coffee

Picture of coffee cup in the background and the words" Do science. Caffeinate. Eat. Sleep. Repeat." in the foreground.

The Enlightenment began in the cafes of France. René Descartes demonstrated the usefulness of logical deduction, a critical competent of the scientific method. Denis Diderot assembled the first encyclopedia, including entries from across the scientific disciplines of the time. Over

UBRP Volunteers at The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona

Group of UBRPers at The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona

On Saturday July 7th, seven UBRP members teamed up to volunteer at The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona in the heart of Tucson. During the three-hour shift, UBRPers bagged canned and boxed goods such as vegetables, pasta, and peanut

UBRP Explores Kartchner Caverns

Picture of UBRP Students at Kartchner Caverns

After widening a sinkhole with a shovel and crawling through hundreds of feet of rock, with passages at points only the size of coat hangers, University of Arizona students Gary Tenen and Randy Tufts emerged into one of the most