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How far can $40K go? Help us reach new heights!

This year, UBRP’s fundraising goal is $40,000 to support students in 2018.  As 2017 comes to a close, please consider giving to make a difference in a young scientist’s life. What would $40,000 do for UBRPers?  $40,000 would fully support:

Transitions in UBRP…

Transitions…..UBRP has one coming up but it is likely to be so seamless that no one will notice!  Effective January 1, 2018, Jen Cubeta will become the UBRP Director and Carol Bender will go part time and fully retire by

Pain Specialist and UBRP Alum Dr. Mohab Ibrahim to be Keynote Speaker for 29th Annual UBRP Conference on January 20, 2018

Following a long-standing tradition, the Keynote Speaker for the 29th Annual UBRP Conference will be a distinguished alumnus of the program.  Dr. Mohab Ibrahim is Director of the Comprehensive Pain Management Clinic at Banner University Medical Center South and an