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Experimental Biology 2017: An Undergraduate’s Perspective

Every year, hundreds of scientific conferences happen within the United States alone. One of the largest within the biological sciences community is Experimental Biology (EB). The conference, which falls under the purview of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental

A Good Start to Raising $40K in 2017!

Picture of prickly pear cactus in the shape of a heart

This summer, we welcome 93 students into research programs under the UBRP umbrella, 64 under UBRP proper. Our goal is to continue to offer the rich hands-on research experiences and educational opportunities that UBRP gives UA students, and our 2017

Congratulations to Poster Presenters!

Picture of Trinny Tat standing by her poster at the Experimental Biology Conference

Congratulations to Alec Perrera, who won the “Best Poster” award at the 21st annual ASBMB Undergraduate Poster Competition at Experimental Biology this week; and to Trinny Tat (pictured), who won second place in the ASPET Student Poster Session at Experimental

Musings on Beginnings, Endings, and What We Are Up to in UBRP

May is a time of beginnings and endings, orientations and celebrations, as we prepare to welcome new UBRPers, and say good-bye to those who are graduating.  We are REALLY excited about the 93 UBRPers who will officially start their summer

Dream Jobs: Compassion-Driven Grad Lands Work at Global Company

Picture of Shiana Ferng, meditating

(Original UA News article: UA alumna Shiana Ferng gained more than just academic knowledge at the UA, which led her to land her dream job at Microsoft. Managing a heavy academic workload and serving as an undergraduate researcher at

UBRP Alumni: Q&A With UA Pain Researcher Mohab Ibrahim

Picture of Dr. Mohab Ibrahim

(Article originally published in UA At Work: Dr. Mohab Ibrahim is an assistant professor of anesthesiology and pharmacology and is director of the Comprehensive Pain Management Clinic at Banner – University Medical Center South, which is staffed by pain-fellowship-trained

2017 UA Beckman Scholars Lecture: A Whirlwind Visit for a Whirlwind of a Scientist

Picture of Stephen Yao, Don Cleveland, and Ben Zaepfel

Recently, with support from the UA Offices of the Senior Vice President for Research and the Associate Provost, we were able to host an eminent scholar to present his research at the Third Annual UA Beckman Scholars Lecture, in collaboration

A Wonderful Year of UBRP Alumni and Family Visits!

This has been a terrific year for UBRP alumni visits!  In October 2016, Dr. Brenda Gardner (BS, biochemistry, 1990; UBRPer in the Gruener lab) and her daughter Kelly visited; and later in the fall Dr. Wendy Zolotor Stiles (BS biochemistry,