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Diversity Galore…and Unity in Scientific Research

Picture of students working together on proposal

On May 16, 2016, we’ll be hitting the ground running with 117 students participating in UBRP here in the US and abroad! Our students come from a diversity of backgrounds – some are international students, brand-new to research, and love

Research Versus. … Ravioli?

Picture of delicious ravioli

We are excited to support 63 UBRP students in Summer 2016! Thank you to all of our donors who have given to UBRP. Last year, you contributed $30,700! Before our next conference rolls around on January 21, 2017, we are

Dr. Libor Grubhoffer to be Awarded Honorary Degree

A parasitologist and biochemist, Libor Grubhoffer has an international reputation of excellence in his fields and extensive history of collaboration and partnership with the University of Arizona (UA). As past rector (president) of the University of South Bohemia – located

New UA Grad Selected to Speak at Beckman Symposium

From UA News ( Ben Wu has an expansive range of interests — hiking in the Catalina Mountains and, most recently, hiking Mount Wrightson south of Tucson and listening to the likes of Young Thug and Future. When not reaching

Undergraduate Researcher Presents Work on Capitol Hill

From UA News ( University of Arizona undergraduate researcher Alison Comrie, who investigates age-related changes in memory, recently traveled to Capitol Hill to share her research with members of Congress, congressional staff, federal government officials, academics and other researchers. Because

Bioinformatics and Systems Biology: Advice from a UBRP Alumnus

PIcture of Max Shokhirev standing in the laboratory

Bioinformatics and Systems Biology are two exciting emerging fields that leverage computer science and mathematics to understand biological systems. As a former UBRP alumnus who didn’t really know anything about these fields when I was at the UofA, I wanted

Lending a Hand at Casa Alitas

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Immigration issues have been taking over news headlines lately – but we don’t really understand the magnitude and complexity of the crisis. Recently, many more Central Americans have been migrating into the United States than have in the past. Their