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Lessons Learned On My Life’s Journey: UBRP Alum Mikhal Gold Schiffer, M.D., FAAP

Picture of Dr. Mikhal Gold

Thirteen years ago, I was straight out of high school and interested in doing something in the sciences when I arrived at the University of Arizona. I thought that maybe I would become a physician though I briefly toyed with

Beautiful Compounds: How Birds’ Feathers Get Their Color

Picture of house finch

John Emmet Andrews, an undergraduate working with Dr. Alex Badyaev (who also is the photographer for this year’s conference poster), will be one of many student researchers presenting a poster at the 27th Annual UBRP Conference! One of the many

UBRP Alum Neil Hillis Discovers Ants Really Are Lazy In Nature

Picture of Temnothorax rugatulus (ant)

Photo: Temnothorax rugatulus, (C), via Wikipedia Commons. Neil Hillis, UBRP alum and doctoral student at Arizona State University’s School of Life Sciences, has found that despite popular belief, ants exhibit high levels of inactivity not only in the lab,

Changing the Tide of Tuition Hikes

Picture of panelists

It was a cool evening, this past November 12th, as members of the Tucson community gathered in the Medical Research Building for an expert panel discussion. “The Truth About Tuition,” it was called. This town hall-like meeting was intended to