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Castles, cows, cryptosporidium – Things I saw in the Czech Republic

If you’d have asked me beginning of last year what I’d be doing this past summer, I never would have told you I’d be spending it doing scientific research in the middle of Europe. At that point in time, I’d

Exploring the Brain in Oxford, UK

This spring semester, I joined Professor Peter Somogyi’s lab at the University of Oxford as a BRAVO! scholar. The Biomedical Research Abroad: Vistas Open! program funds University of Arizona students to conduct research and live independently in another country. I

Czech-ing Out Europe

At the end of May, I along with nine other students had the privilege to travel to the Czech Republic and work alongside Czech scientists for ten weeks. The Czech Republic, located in the heart of Central Europe, is home

A Summer in Scotland Studying Parasites

When I was three years old, I had my heart set on traveling to Scotland someday and buying a castle. I even remember my mom taking me to Bank of America when I was five years old to start my