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It’s a Swede Life: A Summer of Cystic Fibrosis Research in Gothenburg, Sweden

The first few days in Gothenburg, Sweden were the most difficult. I remember the night I arrived, I had just moved into my new apartment, mad at myself for forgetting crucial items, like my blanket, I spent the night using

BRAVO! Student Studies Spatial Memory in the Land of the Midnight Sun

Norway: the home of abounding fjords, a rich Viking history, towering mountain peaks, the midnight sun, and two recent Nobel Laureates. The BRAVO! program took me over 5000 miles to the laboratory of these very scientists, Drs. Edvard and May-Britt

Tick Rodeo and Other Adventures in the Czech Republic

Have any of you ever played Tick Rodeo? No, not a video game, it’s when you have twenty ticks in one tube and are trying to get them to another tube even though they don’t want to get out of

BRAVO! Student Learns that Studying Language Development Among Children in Mexico Can Be Complicated…

Coming back from Mexico is like coming home from home. It sounds as strange as it feels. I was treated like family, which meant as many highs and lows and neutrals as you’d get with relatives – just like when

BRAVO! Experience Across the Pond

This summer I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Birmingham, England to do cognitive science research. It has always been a dream of mine to live in England and this program gave me my first opportunity to do so.

Prozkoumat! Experience “Eye-opening”!

If I had to describe my Prozkoumat experience in a single word it would be eye-opening.  After 10 weeks, I cannot recall what expectations I had for my stay in the Czech Republic at the University of South Bohemia,  but

Save the Date! 27th Annual UBRP Conference

Save the date! The 27th Annual UBRP Conference will be held the morning of Saturday, January 23, 2016 on the University of Arizona Main Campus. Join us for a keynote talk by Dr. Mounir Koussa, UBRP Alumnus, student poster presentations,

Opportunities Abound for Prozkoumat! Student in the Heart of Europe

As I prepared to travel to the Czech Republic for ten weeks, I knew I would learn a lot about research and science, but I never expected the experience would teach me so much about myself. Ten excited students, including

Student Research and More: Summer 2015 in UBRP & BRAVO!

Summer 2015 has been a busy time for students in all of our programs (UBRP, BRAVO!, NSCS, NACP, EHS-TRUE, ASPET, Beckman Scholars, ASPET SURF). Take a look at what students have been doing this summer!  

The Neuroscience and Cognitive Science Summer Research Program: A UBRP Family With a Brain for Community

This summer saw the second iteration of the NSCS program with a cohort of 17 students excited for an intensive summer to hone in on the breadth of neuroscience and cognitive science research going on at the University of Arizona.