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Approachable Science and Mentors, All Part of the UBRP Conference!

I think what makes UBRP so special is that Carol and now Jennifer, too, have created a program where the investment that students put into their work persists throughout their entire career. I’ve gotten to talk to different UBRP alumni

Koziol’s BRAVO! Experience at the Gregor Mendel Institute Includes History and Science

  Last semester I had the awesome opportunity to participate in the University of Arizona’s BRAVO! program. In BRAVO! students form a collaboration with a foreign research institution and go work there for a semester. In my project I worked

Dr. Joyce Schroeder: From UBRP Mentee to UBRP Mentor

Grad school survival tip from Dr. Joyce Schroeder: Be prepared to give your life to the lab. If you are reading this and are one of the hundreds of undergrads who know Dr. Schroeder through her fabulous Cancer Biology class

Anderson Presents Her Research at the American Geophysical Union Meeting in San Francisco

“Observe the exception.” A San Francisco citizen drinking his morning coffee mentioned this idea to me while I was eating a quiche. I think this is what scientists try to do. We hypothesize about a question; collect data; analyze results;