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Dinner with Doctors and Listening to Legends: One Extraordinary Box of Chocolates

Science conferences are like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get. The collection of topics covered at this particular conference extended from laser-related physical chemistry to the most biological in vivo studies you can imagine,

BRAVO! Experience in Spain Results in Discoveries in Science and Beyond

I have always thought that my research with baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) was interesting, sometimes even exciting, but I never thought that it would take me halfway around the world to Sevilla, Spain. However, I found out that it would

Chuck Hoeffer, UBRP and BRAVO! Alum, on What He Has Learned from a Career in Science

Dr. Charles (Chuck) Hoeffer, an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado Boulder and UBRP alum, researches two major topics: neurodegeneration and protein translation. For the former, he studies the relationship between Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease. For the latter,

NACP/UBRP Sophomore, Phillip Belone, Involved in Genetics Research with Laukaitis Group

A knockout mouse is simply a mouse that is missing genes and here we report preliminary work on a mouse strain lacking two androgen-binding protein (Abp) genes. The missing Abp genes would have encoded two subunits, an alpha subunit gene referred to

Mechanism of Viral DNA Transport: Structure-function analysis of a viral DNA piloting protein

Brody Blackburn, a student in the University of Arizona Undergraduate Biology Research Program, is investigating the process by which viruses deliver DNA into the cells they infect. More specifically, the bacteriophage PhiX174 H protein forms a cylindrical tube, the H-tube,

Visiting and Future Fulbrighters Conquer the Hill!

UBRPers and Fulbrighters joined forces on Wednesday, August 30th, to do one thing: conquer Tumamoc Hill. When I arrived at the usual departure point for UBRP field trips, I got to meet some Fulbrighers before getting paired up with my