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Study Finds No Difference in the Amount Men and Women Talk

Do women talk more than men? A study led by Dr. Matthias Mehl, an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology, shows that our perception of this gender difference cannot be proved empirically.   The stereotype that women are more

Science and Culture in Pécs, Hungary: Where Will Your BRAVO! Experience Take You?

This past semester, I had the wonderful experience of participating in research at the University of Pécs Medical School in Pécs, Hungary. Pécs is a lovely town in southern Hungary of approximately 180,000 people with a vibrant student population and

Sarah Schwenk interviews on KXCI’s “The Thesis” – 06/12/2014

Fall 2014 Internship Available at Cooper Environmental Center in Tucson

Cooper Center for Environmental Learning “A University of Arizona and Tucson Unified School District Partnership” Tucson, AZ   Intern Teaching Positions, August – December 2014 Job Description: Outdoor environmental teaching positions include working with students K-8 from Southern Arizona public

Arizona Native Finds It’s Not Too Late to Discover the Beauty of the Sonoran Desert — And Says More People Should Do It!

I told Carol a couple of weeks ago that I had never been to the Desert Museum and she was shocked. Born and raised here in Tucson for twenty-two years (twenty-three if you include my time in utero, she pointed

Research on the Role of Oxytocin in Learning Takes Student to Hungary

Gaby rented a car with a German, a Dutch girl, two Canadians, and they drove to Croatia, through Bosnia, and went back to Montenegro. This sounds like the opening line to a journey taken by an adventurous fictional character, but

2014 UBRP Ethics Retreat at the Biosphere II

  A small crowd gathered around to see the increasingly desperate and inventive attempts to remove two frisbees and a plastic bat from the tree where they were currently stuck. This wasn’t the work of children but was instead a