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Orienting the Next Generation of UBRPers

I remember sitting in the seats you’ve been sitting in last year when I went through orientation. I can’t say I know exactly how you feel sitting there, but for me, I was excited to have been accepted into the

Eric Figueroa Loves Research!

Eric Figueroa used to go to ASU. But don’t worry—he’s a Wildcat now! In fact, he is a Wildcat participating in the BRAVO! program this summer and will be traveling to Finland to do research.  But you know what? If

Two UA Students Named Beckman Scholars

From ( Shaina Hasan, a University of Arizona undergraduate researcher studying biochemistry, envisions her future clearly: she plans to study infectious diseases in poor countries, helping to establish medical clinics, particularly in support of improved women’s health. Classmate Carl

Julie Huynh: UBRP SuperCorrespondent!

Julie Huynh has been part of the UBRP family since Summer 2013. Majoring in both Molecular & Cellular Biology and Creative Writing, Julie has been very busy in her undergrad career, especially since she also works as a science reporter

Congratulations to Our UBRPers!

Congratulations to UBRP students who have won awards this year, including: Austin Brown, Galileo Circle Scholar Kevin Carlson, Biochemistry Excellence in Undergraduate Research Awardee Alison Comrie, Honors College Outstanding Freshman Monica Chaung, Galileo Circle Scholar Cheryl Cheah, Galileo Circle Scholar

The UBRP Family!

May represents a time of endings and beginnings, both equally exciting!  We bid farewell to more than 30 UBRPers who graduated in May 2014, we welcome 63 new UBRP students along with 15 UBRP/NSCS students, four NACP/UBRP students, two EXROP students,

Meet Dr. Johnny Fares, UBRP Mentor!

Fun fact: Dr. Hanna Fares (aka Johnny) used to do ballet. I had heard stories of this talent of his, from the elusive videos of it in existence to how he had pranced (pirouetted? I am not a dancer) down