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UBRP Alum, Dr. Clare Ellsworth Aslan, Conservation Biology Research Scientist at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

What did you research during your UBRP research experience? I worked on a study assessing the impact of invasive ants and mice on pollinators of the threatened Haleakala silversword, a Hawaiian endemic plant species. What did you like about being

An “Interview” with UBRP Alum, Scott Rex, Manager of the Central Regional Crime Laboratory, AZ Dept of Public Safety

Scott Rex, a chemistry major with minors in mathematics and physics, worked in UBRP with Drs. Ron Watson and George Atkinson.  Recently, he took a few moments to respond to our questions about UBRP, college, and life! In a nutshell,

UBRP Experience Led to Career in Education!

My story . . . My UBRP experience was instrumental in helping me explore my passion for science and find a job that matched my interests perfectly.  My many conversations with graduate students and my mentor, Dr. Akporiaye, helped me

UBRP Fundraising Update

Cuts in external research funding are causing UBRP to scale back on our programs at a time when college students need this kind of experience to be competitive. Our goal this academic year is to raise $25,000 by May 31,

Border Issues Panel Stimulates Discussion about Many Issues

On November 14, the UBRP Ambassadors convened a public panel to help answer questions originally raised by UBRPers on a summer field trip to the U.S./Mexico border.  “A Fine Line: What We Should Know About Our Border” was the title

UBRP Alum Finds Career Inspiration from Clinical Research Experience as an Undergraduate

I was just thinking about UBRP the other day and commenting on one of my mentors. I was in UBRP in 2001-2003. I am now a pediatric emergency medicine physician and conduct clinical research.  I have no doubt that the