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A Scientific Summer in Singapore: The Lion City

In these past few days since I’ve returned from Singapore, all of my friends have been asking me how my trip was; I can only reply with a, “It was great!” One person scoffed at my simple answer and asked,

UBRPer Sarah Schwenck Collects Seawater Samples to Study Marine Viruses

When studying marine life in the desert, seawater samples must be obtained somehow. For UA senior Sarah Schwenck, this meant a cruise off the coast of Mexico. As a member of the Tucson Marine Phage Lab, headed by assistant professor

Feeding Patterns of the Japanese Giant Flying Squirrel – A Summer in Japan

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s a Japanese giant flying squirrel sailing from tree branch to tree branch! The Japanese giant flying squirrel, Petaurista leucogenys, or musasabi as the locals call them, are an endemic species to Japan. To put

Field Research on Use of Insecticide Treated Net Usage Provides Valuable Lessons

For two months this summer, I had the privilege of conducting research at the Kenya Medical Research Institute in conjunction with the University of Arizona Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health and funded by BRAVO!/MHIRT grant that presented

Long Hours, 35 Million People, and A Pledge to Better the Quality of Life for All

For the past seven months I’ve been in Tokyo Japan; conducting research, and exploring the country. I’m grateful that I was given this opportunity through the BRAVO!/MHIRT grant. This was my first time to an Asian country and the experience

Organic Synthesis, Squirrels, and Future Nobel Prize Winners: My Experiences at the 2013 Beckman Foundation Symposium

Very rarely do you sit through a science presentation and are so mesmerized throughout the entire length of the talk that when the presenter takes a bow at the end, you want to cheer as though you were at a

The Benefits of UBRP

UBRP gave me access to a very close knit community of like-minded scientists, many of whom I am still in contact today, and many of whom are my closest friends. Events organized by UBRP, such as the yearly ethics retreat

Tacos and Ice Cream with Fulbright Scholars

On Friday August 2nd eight UBRP students met with eleven Fulbright scholars for an evening dinner at a biological research station at Tumamoc Hill, followed by a hike to the top. A brilliant sunset was seen, and as darkness fell

How a Few Worms and Their Gut Bacteria Took An Undergraduate Student to France!

This summer, I was funded by the University of Arizona’s Biomedical Research Abroad: Vistas Open, a.k.a. BRAVO!, program to go to Montpellier, France for three months to conduct a comparative genomics research study. My host institution was the Diversité, Génomique

Science and Cultural Experiences in Frankfurt

This summer, I had a wonderful opportunity to visit Frankfurt, Germany for three months while doing research with the help of my BRAVO!/MHIRT funding. While this was not my first time abroad, it was first time in Europe, and the